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Brighten up your team's business and sales skills

Training & Workshops

Leapfrog offers a tailored and personal approach to training:

  • A course is never run until we understand the issues your team or business face. We do this by coming into your offices to meet with you and get a full training and delegate brief.
  • Any sales training programme is then developed to meet with your requirements.
  • Our training courses are run in small groups of no more than 10 people so that practical exercises can be used as part of the training and help put theory into practice.

We believe there are three factors that are the foundation for success in Sales, so we include these success criteria when developing your training course or workshop:

  1. Planning and strategy – behind every successful sale is the pre-sale preparation – thinking, researching and having a plan. It is the plan that ensures you can be truly effective when you start selling, and the plan that makes you confident you can adapt to changing situations arising during the course of the sales process.
  2. Excellent sales technique – Sales is no different to any other skill – the more you know the right technique, the more effective you can be. We train hundreds of people in understanding the best process and practice to follow to ensure a successful outcome when they are selling.
  3. Having a positive state of mind that ensures you are confident – sales can be tough, so staying motivated and maintaining the momentum, which ensures your business, continues to hit sales targets, especially when dealing with difficult clients!

Leapfrog’s Training & Workshop Approach:

  • Active, engaging, experiential workshops where participants work on real issues
  • Small group/paired work – to encourage everyone to participate.
  • A balance of models/concepts with interactive discussion and activities.
  • An opportunity for feedback and discussion.
  • A focus on practical outputs
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